One Home or Two?

After landing early morning Monday from the Los Angeles trip, Christopher and I had to hit the ground running.
The week was busy but eventful and delightful.

Terri and I got together for our usual dinner, and she invited me to two mortgage events that her branches were having at BMO Harris. I was delighted to speak at the events!

I was not there to sell my services but to answer questions people have about real estate. There have been so many new regulations, policy and procedure changes, lengthening of timelines, and so many different detours in the home buying process, people are unaware of them, even if they recently bought a home, so they will not understand some of the new hoops they must jump through in order to close on the sale of their home. I was there to educate the bank’s clients. With all of the recent changes in the mortgage and real estate industries, it is important to understand how this affects you, as the consumer. Additionally, the Federal Reserve just raised the rate, and this will affect the home buying process. If you’re curious how this raise will be involved in your life as a current homeowner, (because it may affect you) or if you’re thinking of buying and selling, send me an email:


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