Midnight In Chicago Times Deux

This past week was the Annual Baird & Warner All Company Event and was held for the first time at the Bridgeport Art Center in Downtown Chicago. Since this is my first company all company event with Baird & Warner, I had to attend and see how cool this company is. The event was fabulous. The theme was 1920s speakeasy or “Speak Easier, ” and it was filled with fantastic food, costumes, and attendees. The venue was an excellent selection, too.

I went with my co-broker, Lesley Soto and ran into a lot of co-workers and met new friends, including a broker who is leaving the City and moving to Puerto Vallarta! How cool is that?!

This weekend Christopher had to go to his native St. Louis to assist his mother in her move across town and pick up the belongings he had stored there in her basement, including his MBA from Washington University. Since he was out of the city, our friend Chris N. invited me out to a private concert in Lincoln Square, since his husband, Emilio, was out of town in Puerto Vallarta.

The show was performed by Martino-Hagemann , Matt, Daniel, and Kendall were phenomenal! Matt and Daniel are the band members, and Kendall is their manager and wife of Matt. Great music, company and a fun way to spend the Saturday night! The imitate setting, sound, and beats of the music, and audience engagement and interaction provided a relaxing atmosphere and a gentle, upbeat vibe. Living on the North Shore is beautiful and readily available for day-to-day living, but it was incredible to get down to The City and enjoy some culture that was not too chaotic.

Many of the men that are part of the Lambda Car Club of the Lake Michigan Region Chapter, were also there that night, and it was great to see them again! They put on great events devoted to car enthusiast of all types, but specifically classic cars.

Plus, I made a new friend. We all know about my obsession with cats, fat cats in particular, so it was natural that I gravitated towards this little guy most of the night.

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