One Home or Two?

After landing early morning Monday from the Los Angeles trip, Christopher and I had to hit the ground running.
The week was busy but eventful and delightful.

Terri and I got together for our usual dinner, and she invited me to two mortgage events that her branches were having at BMO Harris. I was delighted to speak at the events!

I was not there to sell my services but to answer questions people have about real estate. There have been so many new regulations, policy and procedure changes, lengthening of timelines, and so many different detours in the home buying process, people are unaware of them, even if they recently bought a home, so they will not understand some of the new hoops they must jump through in order to close on the sale of their home. I was there to educate the bank’s clients. With all of the recent changes in the mortgage and real estate industries, it is important to understand how this affects you, as the consumer. Additionally, the Federal Reserve just raised the rate, and this will affect the home buying process. If you’re curious how this raise will be involved in your life as a current homeowner, (because it may affect you) or if you’re thinking of buying and selling, send me an email:


Moving Like A Cyclone

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, in the best way possible! The spring market is heating up and everyone is coming out of their winter hibernation and being social. Plus, I have been decluttering our home, planning a visit to see my mother and father in Los Angeles, and nursing a sick future husband, which is why this post is so late!

Last week, I attended the monthly Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce. I adore this chamber, what they do for the community, and the ladies that run the organization. On the 15th of every month the Chamber hosts a business networking breakfast that allows members to meet other local business owners. I look forward to getting together and meeting new people. I never met the business owners of a local decluttering and organization business, All In Order. If you need help with organization, they are great!

To end my week off last week, Christopher and I ventured out of the North Shore and into Roger’s Park for DELICIOUS Korean food. Susie’s Noon Hour Grill is a gem!! Chris Smith, Managing Broker, recommended this little shop if I am in the mood for Korean breakfast or lunch. The restaurant is one woman shop! Susie is the owner, hostess, waitress, cook, table busser, and everything in between. For less than $20 dollars you and a guest will walk out well-fed and with leftovers. She is hilarious too and her restaurant reminds me of a local breakfast place I used to go to in Los Angeles, Ilamarada.

Minus Barbadian Beaches and Relaxation and add one kitty=Surprisingly Great Weekend

This past weekend was filled with both sadness, happiness, and sheer excitement.

Thursday night was supposed to be the night I flew to Miami to see a dear friend of mine. From there we were scheduled to take an early flight on Friday morning to spend the weekend in Barbados. I planned this for her birthday since we love to travel and we have been friends for 14 years, so it felt appropriate.

However, on Thursday afternoon we had a call and decided it was best to cancel/reschedule the trip. Since I had a lot going on and was stressed, it felt right to not go on so she and I could both take care of personal matters at home. Plus, I just moved into my new home in Fort Sheridan and wanted to nest and get things done, which I did.

Since I was no longer going to the Caribbean; I told my fiancé that we should attend the art gallery opening for Vivid in Winnetka. Christopher and I didn’t make it to that either. But not for a wrong reason.

While I was supposed to be on a Barbadian beach enjoying the sun, sand, and water, he was going to have a cat delivered! I am a BIG fan of cats and very much enjoy their company. Growing up I was never able to have a cat of my own because my mother is deathly afraid of them. Why? I would like to know too…

Christopher coordinated with a cat rescue in Roger’s Park, Hi Kitty Kitty to have our baby delivered.

This is a photo of Sophia (below), and she is a year and a half year old. She was thrown away by her previous owners, who rescued her from the same sanctuary. Luckily she is micro-chipped, so they were able to find her. She was so scared when we met and when she was brought home to us, but within minutes she was eating as if nothing happened and was demanding love, affection, and cuddles from me. She knew she had me at “meow.”

I am glad she was able to walk into our lives and become part of our happy family.