Christopher and I love to go antiquing. Since we moved to Chicago, we are finding the treasures here to be abundant! Growing up in Los Angeles there were never many antiques and if there were findings, they were absurdly overpriced.

Christopher and I ventured to North Lake County, Arlington Heights and Naperville to find these lovely items. We stumbled upon original 1890 Chinese buffet and wine cabinet, plus authentic Pullman sofas from the 1930s, and a 100-year-old Singer sewing machine! We paid less than a car payment for everything. If we bought all of this in Los Angeles it would be more like a mortgage payment.

We are going to reupholster the Pullman items with navy silk and Mohair, sand and refinish the 1930s dining table and Singer sewing machine, and swap out the lamp shades.

Over the upcoming months, I plan to dig into Highwood, Highland Park, Winnetka, Glencoe, and Lake Forest for wonderful estate sales, since I have heard they are to die for.

When the Summer months hit, we will venture to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.

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